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I can honestly say I have tried EVERY diet out there, starting around the age of 16…from Scarsdale Diet to Slimfast to NutraSystem to Weight Watchers, with some success but none of it lasting.  I struggled with my weight, low energy, arthritis and chronic fatigue until I finally had enough.

My first client was me!

Through the knowledge and experiences I have gained from IIN, I have made simple changes for myself that have resulted in long term success.  I am finally comfortable with my weight, have my arthritic pain under control, and energy to do all I need to do while being a busy mom of 2 girls and building my own practice!     I can honestly say I feel healthy and that makes me happy.  

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During my own journey towards my health goals, I have learned that it takes only small changes to get big results.  I am ready to put all of my knowledge and experiences to work to develop your personalized “roadmap to health.”   I can help you create a plan that suits your specific body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. Call or email me today for a free consultation.  

Can one conversation change your life?