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Okay, so life is hard.  In an effort to live a richer life, we now find ourselves busier than we have ever been, stressed out and having to schedule times to be happy.  At least that is my perspective and one I have heard from a number of moms I work with.  Feeling out of control, unfulfilled, uninspired, stressed out can lead to emotional eating.   We eat as a way to find joy: to substitute for the void.  Anyone who has ever done this knows that ultimately instead of serving us, this results in guilt, weight gain, fatigue etc.


So let’s try to find joy other ways.

Here are 7 ways I would like to suggest you try to find joy.

  1.  Be Grateful – Being grateful keeps our mind and body in a positive place.  It has been proven that stress and anger are toxic to our bodies, triggering hormonal reactions that ultimately make our bodies sick.  If you knew you had a choice, wouldn’t you choose to be happy over angry?  I am telling you, you have a choice.
  2. Grant a wish for yourself – Is there something, big or small, that you really want to do but time or budget never permits.  This could be anything from meeting a friend for lunch, taking a class or going on a dream vacation.  Take a moment to rethink the situation.  Maybe you can’t do it now, but when can you do it?  What do you need to get done in order to be able to do it?  Big or small, don’t lose sight of the things that make you happy.
  3. Laugh – Aww laughter.  Such an easy fix.  Laughter is so therapeutic that there are now laughter classes, where for 45 minutes you meet in a group and just laugh.  What can you do to laugh today?
  4. Connect – As human beings we desire connections.  Steal a moment to make a real connection with a friend, colleague or spouse.
  5. Stay Present – Don’t let yesterday’s bad experiences tarnish today.  Why do we force ourselves to relive moments that we didn’t like.  All we can control is right here, right now. Enjoy where you are.
  6. Be Kind – Smile at a stranger when you pass by them on the street.  Be the first to say hi.  So something kind for a friend, spouse or even a stranger.  I think you will find that there is more joy in giving then there is in receiving.
  7. Move – I know this isn’t news to anyone but exercising makes you happy.  A good workout fills you with endorphins.  It is not always easy to initiate but rarely after a workout were we sorry we did it.

I’d love to hear about your journey towards joy.  Share something that has worked for you.


To Your Health,


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