Fall Cleanse Launch

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Join us for a Fall Cleanse Launch this Tuesday, October 15th.

I use the term cleanse lightly when I label this program.  A cleanse conjures up ideas of deprivation.  This is not that.  The cleanse part of this program is the detoxification, detoxification necessitated by years of eating foods that our body cannot properly digest.  Cleaning our bodies of these toxins ends up bringing our weight down and our energy up, (it has also been said to reduce the aging process).  So this is more of an eating cleanse, or a detoxification.

I like this program because it works.  To date, 100% of my clients who have gone on this have lost weight, the smallest amount being 4 pounds in a week.  No matter what, we like that.  As a health coach, I stand behind this program because in addition to helping you lose weight, it also is teaching you how to eat right for your body.  It forces you to eat the recommended daily amount of servings (which is 5-9 now).  It shows you how satisfied your body can be on this, and how delicious fruits and vegetables are.  So you lose weight, eat right, and as a result you feel and look great.

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