Benefits of Magnesium

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Over the last year I have heard so much buzz about magnesium.  Soon I think doctors will be recommending we increase our intake of it, much like the recent awareness of Vitamin D.
Unfortunately, due to several factors we don’t have the same access to it in our foods as we did 20 – 30 years ago.  Over farming has depleted our soils of it, causing vegetables today to contain lower percentages of magnesium.  The refining processes remove nearly all the magnesium from the original source, and the reality is that the Standard American Diet is high in refined, processed foods and greatly lacking in vegetables and whole foods.  All this results in our bodies ending up deficient in magnesium along with many other micro nutrients.
Magnesium deficiency expresses itself through many different symptoms such irritability, muscle spasms, constipation, insomnia, digestive issues, and even eye twitches.
I tell you this not to prompt you to take the supplements, but to become aware so that you can bring more natural sources into your diet.  Foods that are a good source of magnesium are beans, nuts, leafy greens such as spinach, kale and cabbage, seafood (especially halibut and mackerel), and brown rice. Remember quality counts when it comes to your food. Some studies have shown that pesticides interrupt the absorption of minerals.  I also like to have naturally sparkling mineral water, which offer a range of minerals that our bodies need, plus it is so refreshing especially this time of year.

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