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Sugar Sugar

Sugar.  We all love it.  It makes things taste so good.  But did you know that when sugar was first introduced as a commodity it was a controlled substance.  Pharmacists where responsible for it’s distribution.   Offers a little insight into why we have such a hard time not eating the whole pint of ice cream or that row of cookies, huh.  Now I am not saying try life without sugar, I just want to make you aware.  The average women’s body can use up to 6 tsp a day, men’s 9.  Any excess is stored as fat.  How many teaspoons do you have a day?  Try to be mindful of it this week.  Your body gets sugar from fruits and even vegetables, but for this exercise just keep a count of added sugars.  Every food label lists sugars in grams.  Divide that number by 4 and that number is how many teaspoons in a serving.
This is not meant to be a push towards artificial sweeteners either.  I would always say you are better off eating something that your body can recognize and digest, from a plant not made in a plant,  These sweeteners may have seemed like a good shortcut, but they come with a host of their own problems, some worse than weight gain.  The point here is to be mindful and know what your body needs.

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